Alumnos Observadores

El blog del Departamento de Estudios Internacionales tiene la suerte de contar con la colaboración de los alumnos más comprometidos. Ellos comentaran la actualidad y nos ofrecerán su visión del mundo de las Relaciones Internacionales.

María Carmona

maria carmona alumna observadoraMy name is María Carmona. I’m studying for an International Relations Degree at the Universidad Loyola Andalucía. My interest in understanding the global order and in knowing other cultures and societies led me to choose this degree as well as this University.

The topics that most interest me are Human Rights, Political Science, Foreign Security Policy and Cooperation, since the struggle for the suppression of development and poverty-related inequalities are critical in order to protect individuals and groups harmed by states and non-state actors.

Globalization plays an important role regarding all these issues, as it has encouraged the emergence of powerful actors in deterioration of the rights of individuals.

This blog can be of interest for those readers seeking to discover why and how contemporary societies are organized as well as how international actors interact. I hope that through my contribution you’ll be able to get closer to the understanding of the international arena and that this would motivate you to deepen on international issues.